Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I've been selling off some of my possessions on eBay as a way to whittle them down before the big move in August. What I've learned is that if you're not careful (or ridiculous) about how much shipping you charge, you may end up paying someone to take your stuff. For example, I did sell that Borg-head collector's mug, but after shipping to California, I basically made $2 from the sale.

I also sold a big poster for $15. Unfortunately the mail store said that shipping for it would be $52. !!! Good grief. I have told the buyer that I will have to refund his purchase price if I can't find a vastly cheaper way to send it.

This drastically affects my plans to sell off all those Beanie-Baby gifts that should have been gathering value all these years, but in actuality have been gathering only dust and are worth about $2 each (from what I've seen in others' listings).

I am also having that terrible feeling of having so many things to catch up with that when I anxiously awake before my alarm or even dawn, I already feel behind. Unfortunately, most of it is not stuff I can take home, but rather stuff that has to be done in situ. Dangit.

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