Tuesday, May 31, 2005

During this past week, we have successfully completed a few necessary tasks such as beginning our prenuptial (pre-incorporation?) financial meetings, some medical stuff, and of course the continuation of the ongoing discussions of the shelves in the livingroom, and of shelving generally.

If you've ever had a student loan or married someone with a student loan, you can guess how frightening that particular discussion was. Particularly for me, as I am the one who has incurred said loan. But as with most issues, better to face it squarely now despite the discomfort.

I also discovered that many of Juice's "Mister Herman's Cat Games" can be effectively applied to humans. For example, while I don't have the heart to carry it out, I may have threatened to play "No Sleepy Limey" when Someone was napping on the High-Gravity Couch. I may have been threatened in return not only with "No Sleepy Yankee" but also "Sleepy Yankee Surprise."

I did, however, find it fun playing "Pet The Limey To Death." Turns out this combines well with a loud rendition of Abe Simpson's quote "I'm gonna pet you raw!"

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