Thursday, December 30, 2004

This morning, another squirrel doing a balancing act on the telephone wires outside my third-floor window. They seem to have a pretty clear idea of whence the flying peanuts originate (you can see them stand on their haunches, begging in the direction of my window whenever I open it), and every so often one seems to decide to seek the source. Or should I say, The Source of All Peanuts. One is currently quite mangy, poor little chilly crit. Another seems to have had a chunk taken out of his back fur, unless it's just a spot of mange. They don't seem to mind at all being actually hit with a flying peanut (as my aim is sometimes a bit too good).

The woodpeckers are getting into some serious lard-eating now that winter's here, as are the nuthatches--my favorites. Sometimes they arrive at my windowsill in squeaky, yarpy little pairs. (Or would that be a brace?) And of course, the bluejays also arrive loudly, usually in threes.

The red-tailed hawk has also lately been lingering in the big tree from time to time. I guess that makes my feeder a meta-feeder, of sorts.

Along those subject lines, I have to say that was not at all what I might have expected...


Mark said...

*chuckle* Well if you happen to be looking for source on how to extinguish your hamster you're would be at the right place... although there is nothing in their faq about putting out them out.

liz said...

BTW, I completely forgot you had already posted that Mars thing when I did it.

Memory loss--another symptom of high stress!

Mark said...

*grin* I hadn't noticed the Laird of Glencairn title thing before and promptly sent the link to my folks that live in a suburb called Glencairn in Cape Town. I@m not sure it they'll actually buy it though.

Actually, when I read the Mars deed story I did recognise it but assumed that you had posted it before and were hinting.