Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Okay, I posted a new profile photo, since Yahoo finally got the drift of my not paying for my site for the past year or so (I tried to delete it, but it wouldn't let me, of course, so I was just using it for storage) and made that site "inactive".

Well, it's not so much a photo as a "collage" to display my many "facets". However, don't be too impressed because I'm wearing a pretty puffy bra in that one picture, as I recall. Furthermore, I'm not usually smiling so darn much, as it is very hard to smile while simultaneously complaining about a bunch of things. And the butterflies aren't even real, but part of a screen saver.

The photo only shows up when I'm looking at the profile, but--who cares. I'll mess with that later. Unless it magically fixes itself, which Blogger often does.

Complete nonsequitur: I've noticed that taking Robitussin DM makes everything smell weird and rainy, as though I've been crying a lot, only I haven't been crying at all. Very odd. I think it's the action of the Guaifenisin, rather than the Dextromethorphan.

Recent reading, stolen out from under the birthday of a friend of TheLimey: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists : A Novel

I hope he gets her another copy and actually sends it, as it is quite funny in a Monty Python way. (I also learned about a horrible true ingredient for dog biscuits, and who should wear black.)


liz said...

Geeze-o-petes! It took all of about 20 minutes for the word "bra" to activate a bunch of pervy search engines. I really wasn't trying for that.

(Ironically, the search also listed a number of Norwegian sites, as "bra" means "good" in Norsk [and Scottish, for that matter.])

Who goes to a search engine and just types in "BRA", for cryin' out loud?

Big Al said...

Not me. If I type in "bra" to a search engine, I usually follow it up with "and panties".

liz said...

I guess it *would* be easier to find them in your size online...