Tuesday, December 14, 2004

As the December 15th date for internship sites to respond to applicants approaches at ludicrous speed, I have begun receiving replies. A couple of interviews, several rejections. Now, since we are a new program and are still seeking our APA accreditation, we knew that there were likely to be sites that would reject us summarily. Therefore we were advised to cast a wide net when applying for internships. I applied to 15 sites. One of my colleagues applied to 30. (30!)

Anyway, I just haven't felt very anxious about the outcome. I'm too tired, and it's out of my hands. I've done my best, and either I'll get an internship, or I'll have to wait another year and apply again... and there are a few contingency plans if that does happen to any of us. I'm not going to die either way.

So, not feeling very anxious, I was amused to see how serious some of the rejections were:

"I am writing with difficult news..."

What could it be? My husband didn't make it through surgery, and you're repossessing my car?! (As another colleague interpreted that opening line.)

So far I have interviews in Erie, PA and Kent, OH. (Though I think the actual site is in whatever town-sized town is right by there.) I had to turn down the one in Portland after all, for their non-accredited status.

Now, I must go home and make some objects to give away at the clinic holiday party tomorrow. (I wonder if the convenience store has those zipper-y sandwich bags?)

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