Monday, December 06, 2004

The mutual-birthday weekend was extremely fantastic, in a very low-key way, which is what both of us needed. There was a lot of various napping, especially involving a particular extremely-high-gravity sofa. This spawned some ridiculous speculation as to how it came into existence, why it is so high-density, and in what way the US government might be involved.

Somehow TheLimey was even convinced to take me to see the second Bridget Jones flick, which was very fun for me, though of course the sequel was not quite as good as the first and had a few contrived moments. However, I had to see How It All Turned Out, and I am quite satisfied.

We also went to a very nice and swanky restaurant, courtesy of TheLimey's brother and sister-in-law. (I have never experienced Chocolate Volcano Cake like that. I think I will find myself dreaming about it very soon, possibly tonight.)

I did get a lot of Nothing Done. Now I have to try to pop myself back into reality, just like that old A-Ha video. (I hope I don't have to repeatedly bash myself against the wall like that, though.)


I cAn rEaD said...

I remember A-ha. I have that cd and the one after. For a time I believed that "The Sun Always Shines On TV" was one of the coolest songs(from the second of the two mentioned albums). Now it's just that song A-Ha did.
Forgive me that my blog is still in the "only so that I can post on the blogs of others" status. I'm a busy guy don't you know.

liz said...

Ha! I should have known from the erratic capitalization that it was you.

How's things?

Or, wait--fill in that blog, and then I'll know.

(Baby pix are always welcome, you know.)

Eric said...

Hey Liz, could you send me your email address? It would be a lot easier than talking only through blog comments. My email is ericnorway77 at

Andrew said...

Mmmmm...double density divan!

argotnaut said...

All this lounging and chocolate might produce a double density diva!

(I know -- like that would ever happen!)

Anonymous said...

Liz said (anonymously since this consarned computer won't allow me to log in):

Well, there's always my address. (Irreverent advice is free, but anything that requires serious clinical intervention will cost $50/hour!)

(Just kidding, as it would be, yes, extremely unethical for me to practice online. Cavalierly.)

liz said...

Oh yeah--I should mention, if you email me, I am absolutely terrible about keeping up email, largely because of the time factor.

In fact, now that I think of it, the whole reason that I *started* blogging was because I didn't have time to individually email/mail my friends and family these days. It's just a lot easier for me to write a blog when I have internet time.

Otherwise I'd be writing about 20 long emails per week, which I simply don't have time for, so I just ended up never writing people.

liz said...

True, it's unlikely that I'd ever become a diva.

Eric said...

I'll stick to the blog comments then.