Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm going to do that lazy thing in which I plagiarize from one of my own emails to someone. Now here's the holiday gift for the person on your list who has everything:

At the links below one can get plots of land on Mars, as well as a square foot of an estate in Scotland, entitling one to legally use the title "Lord" or "Lady".

Lord of Glencairn

Overlord of Mars


The thing I like best about these is the potential for using them in conjunction. I just can't wait to be an interplanetary aristocrat! (Lady Elisabeth-Eve of Syrtis Major Planitia, Mars, or similar.)

(Note to TheLimey re: your gift. No, it's not one of these, as I'm sure you've guessed what with all that shaking of the box. >grins smugly< )


argotnaut said...

Although I know this is total B.S., I most certainly want one of each.

liz said...

A-ha! Saw the UPS guy arriving today just as we were leaving for TheLimey's for the weekend, and casually asked, "That's not for #30, is it?"

And it was! A non-Secret-Santa-sanctioned gift!

Darnit, I have been forced to adhere to it. Spent wild amounts on TheLimey's mystery gift and am now out of dough. (Okay, that's not really why.)

I'm excited to have new, uncharted music to listen to. 8)

argotnaut said...

Santa understands the budget of a starving grad student. ;)

Santa can hardly go a week without listening to DJ Junkie XL.

liz said...

Santa is a lot hipper than I give him credit for.

D said...

The buy yourself a peerage thing is rubbish, as a laird isn't exactly the same thing as a lord. Saying that, I can't help but think it would be cool. The real deal would be better though. Now...if I can just get that knighthood.