Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Since last spring, I have been keeping upon my refrigerator several post-it notes covered with tiny block allcap lettering (as that is how my leftie handwriting looks). This is known as The List, since every time TheLimey and I talked about something whereby one of us said, "Oh, we should do that some time!" I took it seriously, and wrote it down so as not to forget. Several items have been crossed off ("Open geodes", "go to the Chick-Inn" [nearby drive-in diner] and so on), but since we have both been so busy, there are a lot of items left.

Somehow, the idea of posting The List online came up (probably via The Limey) and the idea of team blogging came up (probably via me) and--vye-ola! Now we have The List online.

Yes, we actually woke up one morning and had a discussion still in bed about how the items should be posted: one item per post, with details in the text? Or a post of one list, editable by either of us as the need arose? So, no--there's absolutely no nerdistry occurring in this hip "power couple". Just in case you were wondering. No way.


argotnaut said...

several post-it notes covered with tiny block allcap letteringRon uses the same method (on a door), but that is known as The Database.

liz said...

Ah yes, but he puts a different item on each Post-It, whereas I just had a list that grew too big for one Post-It.

Tangentially, I was very annoyed yesterday to find an item for my list of mispronounced-words-that-reveal-a-lack-of-spelling-knowledge, only this one was written: something to the effect of "they were written on posted notes".

I know, theoretically they could have meant what they wrote, but I just KNOW that person is going around saying things like "I better get another package of posted notes" and "just stick a posted note on the fridge" and so on.