Friday, December 31, 2004

Had about 3 or 4 hours of sleep last night. Stayed at the clinic working on this proposal (the "^%$*^%" preface before the word "proposal" should by now be understood) until 2am or so. At midnight one of my colleagues exclaimed, "This is so bad for my skin!" "Yes," I agreed, "my skin, my lungs, my liver....and whatever few remaining eggs I have." Then we both giggled maniacally for a few minutes.

Went home around 2am. I tried to work some more at that point, but found myself sobbing uncontrollably, simply out of sheer exhaustion, I think. Not particularly sad about anything! So I had to go to bed for a few hours. Then I got up early and continued. Now I'm back at the clinic. It's closed for a few days, so several of us are using it as our "office" for now.

Just sent my lit review to my advisor, due a mere 11 days ago. Now I hope I can finish the method section in the next hour or so, although I may be forced to lie on a "therapy" couch and take a brief nap first.

I'm feeling quite destroyed. I have a swollen lymph gland, which I've never had before. In one sense it's good, as it means that there is some infection that my body is fighting off effectively. (Possibly the same plague with which TheLimey awoke on Wednesday?) In another sense, it feels like the wolf is at the door, health-wise. (And my neck hurts!) Bad time to be losing sleep.

Especially considering that once I finally even get the blasted proposal sent out, I still have to create the entire proposal defense presentation for the week of the 10th, while simultaneously preparing for my internship interviews next week (haven't even begun that yet, since I've been doing the proposal night and day). Hope a few days' preparation can take the place of a month's worth, since these interviews are after all the culminative goal of over seven years of training!

Also, this coming week I begin teaching a new class (well--same class, new group of students) and I have new clients, too, of course. This is NUTS! I am so damn tired.

However, looking at my blogroll, I realize I should really not complain, as I am not in Big Al's disappearing shoes--(I'm afraid he's either in jail or getting some limbs amputated, or perhaps both) ...nor have I been diagnosed with ALS as has Brainhell. Also have not been swept away by any tidal waves or other natural disasters, nor hit by any SUVs.

Nope, as I was discussing with SamuraiChick the other night on the phone, we are definitely above the misery threshhold at this time, overall. But that's another whole discussion. Must....get to.... sofa.... nap.....


argotnaut said...

What the heck will you DO when you have a "normal" life again!?!?!?

I hope my grad school experience won't be like this . . .

Would SamuraiChick happen to be someone who is blond and a rabid knitter?

liz said...

Why, yes! Yes she would. Errrr... wait...I guess she does knit. I know she sews and does fantastic asaian-inspired embroidery, anyway. When she's not doing the whole black-belt thing or refinishing an entire house or whatever.

("Amazon" would also have been an acceptable analogy.)

argotnaut said...

Maybe one of these would help:

liz said...

That thing is *hilarious*.