Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I'm going to be extremely lazy and post the text of the "I'm back" email

I just sent out to important people:

I made it safely home and am tanner than I have been since I was 15
and living in California. (Also, my skin is magically perfectly clear!)

Saw lots of fantastic trees, waterfalls, fish, birds, etc., but photos will
have to wait until Simon's return from Texas so I can download them
from my camera to his computer.

Looks like L* [sister on [dad's] side] and a pal will be coming from
Chicago to stay with me for the weekend of the 20th! I guess she is
getting to that age (what, 16 now?) I guess I'd better goth up the
apartment for their comfort, but I draw the line at listening to loud
scary music at my advanced age.

Well, quite exhausted and jet-lagged, so I will now go home and
nap before doing some work there. Maybe even unpack. luckily,
"someone" was kind enough to tidy up my kitchen while I was
packing to leave, so I didn't come home to week-old kitchen filth.

Squirrels are probably hungry, though.

[I don't know what the heck is wrong with the text in this post, and
am too tired and busy to figure it out just now.]

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