Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Just noticed that someone found my blog by Yahooing my first and last names. Since I've been getting various messages from upcoming students today, I bet it's one of them. (Who else would know how to spell either my first or last names otherwise?)

Sheesh, guess I'm going to have to act all professorial online now, since my name is inextricably linked with my blog. I think it was the link about "xyquez." (Plus there's my photo, a dead give-away that it really is me.)

Darnit, no room to have a personal life when you're trying to be credible!

Maybe I'll have to start a secret-er blog. I think if I just got rid of those elements, it would still come up for a long while...and also leave too much of a cybertrail.


Mark said...

Hmmm... I think I've kept my site relatively anonymous. A site specific search in Google on my surname doesn't return any results.

Andrew said...

I don't think being a real human being necessarily lessens your credibility as an instructor. But I might tone down any comments on your preferred method of birth control or how drunk you got last night, etc. That stuff is for the blogs of young 'uns.

Mark said...

Venting about the people at work on your blog isn't quite the same if you know that they might be reading it.

Liddy said...

Also, don't use the names of your friends or their children, because even the weirdly named infants are Googled, and no parent wants to know that you made fun of their kid's name on your blog (not that I would know from personal experience).

liz said...

I don't usually use anyone's full name, including my own, but there was a page upon which I referred to myself in the third person. However, it wasn't much of a stretch too see that the site it appeared on was mine.

I usually Google myself to see if there's anything, but this one popped up only on Yahoo.