Thursday, August 19, 2004

Just wasted 15 minutes I don't have posting a comment, and then when I tried to put some italics in it, the entire thing disappeared and only the italics tags remained. Post completely gone. Blogger has been acting really crazy since they changed to this format, but dammit! That's the last straw.

Spent most of the day today catching up on my requisite two pages from yesterday. I stayed up until 12:30 but still didn't finish. Will likely spend another 5 or 6 hours today writing today's two pages...sigh. The part that takes all the time isn't the actual *writing*, (maybe italics later, huh?) but figuring out what to write and then trying to find the research to back it up amongst all the texts and notes from the past 3 years.


To unwind, about the only thing I can even bear to read is children's books these days. I also sometimes watch kids' TV programs...even preschool ones! The other day I saw part of Teletubbies, which featured a film clip of two little English siblings (Chloe and Mahk) who were frosting and decorating a cake together. "Mahk is eeh-ting the choco-litt buh-tons. He thingks I doewn't noewtice." "Let's noh-tews this strawbury, let's eeh-tit!" Good lord, they were cute.

Yes, I was previously just generally a xenophile, but now because of Simon I must confess that I have definite Anglophilic tendencies. >tsk< How...common of me!

Well, better get back home to work now...I just wish that there was less construction occurring right outside my front window. And by less I mean NONE!

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argotnaut said...

It has indeed been pretty squirrelly. And not _good_ squirrelly, either! I think I posted another comment elsewhere that never showed up.