Monday, August 09, 2004

Hawaii highlights:

(The speed-posting version.)

1. Having a wild chameleon on my shoulder eating bugs. (Her, not me.)

2. Discovering that for all I angsted about my poster presentation, it turned out to be one of the nicer ones. A shocking number of people were still using that old "individual pieces of paper stuck up on a board" which looks so...1978. Too bad that the poster hall contained thousands of posters at any given hour, and I was in the furthest row from the door, so that not too many people even got to our row in the 50 minutes allotted.

3. Salt water is good for dog bites.

4. Mmmm...crab--the ocean's delicious arachnids!

5. Earplugs go a long, long way in making life okay when you have to sleep in a room with 6 or 7 strangers and you're all jetlagged.

6. Cave spiders are very webby, but don't seem to bite much.

7. Snorkeling is very good after the initial 5 minutes of the suffocation sensation.

8. The pineapple is so tender and delicious I could have eaten it all day. And the papaya--it was so good I don't even have sensory memory of what it was like.

9. No matter how little I pack, I always find I could have packed a lot less.


liz said...

Farthest maybe?

Too brain-fried to even be able to sense wrong words right now.

argotnaut said...

What?! What's this about shoulder-eating bugs???

Mark said...

Doh! Did you get bitten by another dog?

liz said...

-Wild chameleons are pretty effective at getting rid of shoulder-eating bugs.

-No new dog bites (should there be?), but that one was so deep and gross (or perhaps grotty) that it is still a healing wound. I was still bandaging it and using antiseptic ointment when I went. (How annoying for a tropical trip!)

liz said...

BTW Mark, lately I haven't been able to post comments on your site. (Perhaps you're purposely blocking them!) The post-a-comment box comes up, and then says it'll be a minute, but then a couple days later it's still not there.

Mark said...

Hi Liz. It's not intentional, I think my FTP server and Blogger aren't always on speaking terms.