Friday, August 27, 2004


Best and also worst hyphen omission found in thesis data sources:

Eliot, A. & Baker, C.W. (2001). Eating disordered adolescent males. Adolescence, 36(143), 535-543.

Recent dream:
Simon actually posted stuff on his website.

Real life:
The next day, Frinkenstein finally went up. Huh.



Teenage sister L. (father’s side) visited last weekend, complete with hot-pink hair and huge black patent-latex platform moon boots.

Took her to EMU campus to feed squirrels, where she experienced the “hanging off trees by back feet for a peanut” trick. (Squirrels, not L.) However, as usual couldn’t get them to allow ear-scratching. Must be skittish with more people about.

Fed mini-goats and other tiny livestock at Ypsi Heritage festival, resulting in revolting paste of animal saliva & grain dust on hands. Luckily, had brought wet wipes.

Stopped for bubble tea with pearls. Basically, flavored iced tea with varicolored tapioca-like globs in bottom of glass, served with huge straw to suck up globs. Fun! (…Try not to think of revolting creature-squishing character in movie “Dune” while drinking / chewing.)

Impulsively bought life-sized chocolate football* at chocolatier in downtown Ann Arbor as gift for Simon.

Was forced to watch Sid & Nancy (which I own but don't generally watch) as L. was watching it, and then Simon also got drawn into it, like a train wreck.

At the end of the weekend, L. announced that she shall:

1. begin feeding squirrels forthwith
2. place birdseed on windowsills at home
3. Acquire English boyfriend, who will be required to say “bloody” and “bugger” for her entertainment. (She is a teenager, after all.)


Yesterday, finally had witnesses to campus squirrels allowing ear-scratching! They subsequently tried to touch the squirrels, too, as they went past. Fools. There’s technique, timing, and tools for such a touchy task. Good lord, make the alliteration stop.

Coerced Simon into saying that sentence about not using the strawberry, but couldn’t get him to sound much like a little girl.

*As opposed to “Meatball”, AKA “American football”.

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