Monday, July 26, 2004

Okay, here goes!  In about 3 minutes I can do the online check-in for my flight tomorrow. Just trying to finish last-minute stuff, packing, printing out every possible piece of information I can find for my "travel binder", etc.

Didn't realize how far away Hawaii really is until last night.  It looks like a tiny dot that could just wash away with the first strong wave.

I wanted to have only carry-on luggage, but Continental allows only one carry-on.  This might have been okay if I was just going on vacation, but I have to bring convention clothes and stuff like that, so I kind of need the suitcase.  Plus, I realized that my sleeping bag makes another whole checked item.  Dangit.  There goes traveling free as the wind.

Well, my freshly-printed poster should be dry by now, so I guess I should go get it and buy a tube to carry it in!

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argotnaut said...

Yay! I hope you'll have a little time to actually enjoy the surroundings. And take lots of pictures!