Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Now I have to steal something from Tim, and promote this research paper generator.

Seeing that one of the MIT gentlemen involved had a dating profile posted, I sent them the following email:


Dear Max and Jeremy,

Several of my colleagues have been shocked to discover that they have co-authored papers with me, apparently while sleepwalking or [in] some other state of consciousness. For this enjoyment, I have donated $5 to your travel fund.

While a number of the titles are vague enough to pass for psychology topics, I wistfully wish you had another [generator] that had psychology content.

Free, unrequested advice: as far as those dating endeavors are concerned, I strongly recommend seeking out grad students in your local psychology department (I'm assuming heterosexuality here, I realize). For one thing, psychology is becoming female-dominated.

Furthermore, for some reason it seems to be a natural match--a large proportion of the women in my program (including me!) are dating / marrying / married to someone who is involved in applied or theoretical engineering / programming type fields.

Anyway, good luck (whatever that actually means)!


Elisabeth [Lizardo], M.S.
[University] Psychology Department

I received the following kindly email in reply:


Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks a lot for the pledge and the good advice. Our colleague Dan in
particular could use both a psychologist and a date, so this advice
should come in handy. If you have any friends at the MIT psychology
department, be sure to put in a good word.


------------------------------------------ appears that MIT is too genius-laden to have a standard Psychology department, but they do have a Brain and Cognitive Sciences department. And of course there's always Harvard practically next door.


liz said...

Holy smokes! Those guys raised more than the entire amount since this morning.

I have *got* to come up with something entertaining like that, that people are dying to use.

brainhell said...

If I were single, I would date an MIT-babe fer sure, but not a Harvard chick. Only problem is, none of them would date me. Oh well, it's the thought that counts.