Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More unlikely search terms that have pointed to my blog recently (many for little or no reason):

“homemade breathing treatment” (good luck, my asthmatic compadre, in your survivalist preparations for the apocalypse)

“Parisian picnic” (thanks to a comment from Library Squirrel)

“What does a sample doctor fax look like” (discomfitingly vague, with intimations of forgery)

“Florida Boddington chapel wedding” (this brought up the entry in which I consumed a can of Boddington’s in Florida. The searcher must have been quite disappointed)

And of course, my blog still seems to be a perennial favorite among those suffering UTIs everywhere, though there are fewer of those than there were right after the holidays. We’ll see if that happens again this winter!

What I would really expect to see in my "referrerers" [sic] list would be something like "Robot Limey rat martini herbal potluck Mars Republican mistress vintage", or similar.

Curiously, that has never occurred.

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