Monday, April 18, 2005

I've begun collecting boxes for the big move this summer. I can get rid of a lot more than I originally thought, as many of my household possessions are redundant and not of sentimental value.

A good example would be the 100-lb coffee table I found at the curbside, carried home in the Ford Fiasco that I had at the time, and lugged up three flights of stairs by myself.

I need to begin selecting what things will go to auction on eBay (which I've never done before), which to Freecycle, to storage, and which things will simply be moved. What a hassle!

As far as what I will be cramming into TheLimey's smallish place, the only real bone of contention has been my collection of used VHS tapes. Many of them may have to go in storage for a while until we get Our Own Place, as for some mysterious reason he does not want to devote four square yards of wall space to displaying them.

So now of course I want to look at transferring the tapes to DVD. I'll figure out how to do that later. I'm broke and can't buy new toys right now, and I also have no idea which device(s) to get. The reviews on Amazon are still rather confusing to me, and I haven't had hours to sort through them.

Luckily, he's very happy to be getting my set of cast-iron cookware. He should be really happy to be getting my famous vacuum food sealer, now that I think of it. Whereas I'll be happy to have use of his office shredder and wi-fi.

I also need to begin weaning the birds and squirrels off of eating at my window, but I'm not sure when to start. Maybe in the height of the summer when seeds and things are plentiful? Poor birds and squirrels!


Tim said...

Won't it be great when we have replicators and transporters? Then we can just make anything we want, and if you have to move, just push it onto the transporter pad and beam it over to the new house.

Yeah, I know, we're not going to see that in our lifetimes. I can't even get a stupid hovercar out of this slow moving society!!!

liz said...

I'm not so sure about using that replicator/transporter myself. As a recent discussion suggested, when they do come out with those things, we'll view them the same way our current crop of retirees view email:

"I *tried* to go to the grocery store; I used the settings you said--but I kept ending up in the basement of City Hall!"

Or else there will be the classic sci-fi concern of random body parts being generated and dropped into neighborhoods due to transporter wave interference.

Andrew said...

I think it'll be easier than that. Why move anything? Just chuck it in the atomizer and "bzorp!" Gone! Make a new whatever you need when you get to the new place. "Sofa, two meters long, umber." "Bzorp!" Voila! Of course, you'd have to move anything of sentimental yourself, but luckily sentimental things are usually small.

Tim said...

I can see how we might view the transporter with suspicion -- it is, after all, breaking down the human body and reconstructing it -- but I'm eager, if not salivating for a replicator. When I can walk to my living room wall and tell a stoic sounding computer that I want a riding crop for...never mind for what...when that day does come, it's going to be a glorious, glorious day.

I think it'll also improve moving because, as Andrew said, you don't have to move anything except the sentimental stuff. Plus, you have the added benefit of always have clean things. Got a coffee stain on your favorite sofa? Just de-atomize it and make it all over again.

Oh, and let's not forget -- unlimited donuts. Ahhhh. I think I need more coffee. Damnit! I have to go make it!

liz said...

This would also seem to work really well for, say, hip replacements.

I seem to remember some episode(s) in which someone with a disease basically was reconstituted by using the last known version of their transporter records.