Monday, April 04, 2005

Many of my frolleagues have said something like "Congratulations! We should get together and have a drink!" or something to that effect when I've told them the "W"-word news. Therefore I decided to give them all a convenient opportunity to buy us drinks, so we had a sort of engagement party at a nearby spot. I was amazed that some people brought us cards, and one couple even brought us a bottle of champagne!

The bartendress clearly has a crush on TheLimey ("I remember you guys -- that accent!") and at the end of the night gave us a drink in one of the giant martini glasses. It was really too much, as most of us had already gotten to or surpassed our limits, and also it had some kind of licorice-flavored liqueur that does not agree with Some People. But it was nice of her, and TheLimey took the brunt of most of it simply to be polite (of course).

It was one of the few spring evenings we've had so far ("skirt weather"). Now it's pretty much back to winter.

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