Friday, April 15, 2005

I have turned on Star Trek Enterprise (or, I have turned Star Trek Enterprise on? -- that sounds even worse) and I see that the writers continue to mine themes of the original Star Trek series. I approve of this in general, although I admit I haven't watched the show that often.

However, on tonight's episode I see this nostalgia has extended all the way to showcasing green-skinned hoochie dancers (though now they have obvious implants, and that utterly characterless diction I associate with either porn or Chaser advertisements).

And judging from the foreshadowing, I'm guessing that being a sexy female also means being evil. We'll see within 40 minutes. -- Oh, wait -- already, the doctor had some kind of fainting spell while talking about the women. Yep, they're going to be evil, for sure.


brainhell said...

Wait ... what would you know about porn?! Or hangovers?!

I love Star Trek but I have to quit thinking how GREAT they could make it. It is, after all, a family show, a formulaic product. They;re never going to make it really interesting. I guess that the original and Next Gen were best, though NG started out very badly.

Andrew said...'re blogging WHILE watching Star Trek? Now THAT'S a geekatrix!

UPN has already canceled "Enterprise," so the producers won't have a chance to make it better, but after three seasons, they had their chance. The prequel idea was a good one, but I think they took it the wrong direction...the crew of the first Enterprise should have been even BIGGER cowboys than Kirk, and screw up a lot more often, 'cause they're just learning how to interact with different species. But I guess the desire to stay true to Gene Roddenbury's (sic?) vision -- a human race that had its act more or less together -- won out.

brainhell said...

Yeah, I gave up on Enterprise after the first six or seven shows. The crew were just SO polished, poised, and capable, it was like they'd been in space for eons. They were as slick as the NG folks.