Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Techno Junkie and Bridezilla aspects have come together to form a frightening creation. I stayed up until after 2am playing with the following image sequence, as you will see in a moment.

I used the Cosmi 3D Home and Garden Designer (which I picked up at the local supermarket for $5 three years ago and does not come with instructions!) to model the reception site, and then used Metacreations (now Corel) Painter 6--which is absolutely using an atom bomb to crack a walnut, even though it is now 4 versions old--to paint in some of the details.

This sounds like absolute playing, but I have some quite specific things I want. And since I will be busy enough preparing myself and actually being in the wedding ceremony, I won't be able to set up and decorate the reception site as I normally do for parties I throw. And this is quite a bit bigger and more important than any other party I've thrown so far!

Therefore I plan to get someone(s) I know to help me out by being my Reception Foreman and decorators and so on. When I reluctantly hand over the reins, I want them to have a clear idea of my design and plan, i.e.: reception blueprints.

Okay, so here's the actual site:

Here's my wireframe model. I made the floor first, then added two walls. I punctured the walls with four wide doors each to create the look of the pillars. Then I added the roof (it's not exactly like the real roof, but it was the closest one they had.)

Here it is fleshed out, and with a table added (actually a "coffee table" template, stretched out and colored white.)

Close-up of the "cake area":

Now, let's see what it would look like if the background were another planet: Hmmm...perhaps not. Okay, then, what about this background? I'll call it "Lothlorien":

Okay, okay. Just normal trees! (Repeated 12 X in circumference.) But the ground color function keeps subtracting blue from whatever color I apply. I'll have to fix that manually in Painter.

Okay, here's the drapery effect (I actually had the park people--bless them--go out and measure the shelter so I know how much to order):

And let's add a ruffle to the cake table. Now, granted, this is not the best Art in the world: I just wanted to get a sense of it in 3D.

Yes, there is a closer shot with the actual cake design, but if you want to see it you will have to email me. TheLimey insists on being surprised about what the design is. (I'm pretty excited about it--and my aunt is a well-known nature artist [as nature artists go] who, along with my mother, used to "do" wedding cakes.)

I could post the image and have a link, but I think it would be too tempting to peek, don't you?


brainhell said...

> When I reluctantly hand over the reins...

Who are you handing the reins to, TheLimey?

You're sill a person, you have the right to vote, and speak, and earn income and own property! This is America, not Britain, where they paint themselves blue and put reins on women!

Just doon't let him take you or your future children out of the country, is all.

liz said...

As I said, when I reluctantly hand over the reins *to the person who will be running the reception and its decorations.*

Furthermore, I plan to take my husband and children out of the country at every opportunity!

argotnaut said...

Mmmm ... cake area.

Tim said...

I'd like to see the cake design. Especially if it's in the wireframe design!

liz said...

Unfortunately, the cake is not in modeled format, but in pseudo-painted format. (Am sending pictures to artist-person rather than engineer-person.)

Andrew said...

This is freakin' hill-AIR-eous! I always thought I was going a little overboard when, before moving into a new apartment, I would measure its floorplan, then measure all my furniture, and finally make little outlines of my furniture cut to scale that I would push around on a piece of graph paper; thus, I could try out different furniture placements before I moved in.

I see now I am but a mewling infant.

liz said...

Reader's response to emailed picture of cake:

>Very nice. I wasn't really sure >what to expect when you were >being so secretive and all, but I >like it. I think it would have >been even more interesting as a >wireframe though!

I'm afraid that would be a more advanced drafting project than I could manage. I don't think that 3D-HGD has many cake layer objects!

Liddy said...

Wow. If only I'd had some mean drafting skills when I was planning my own wedding.... but somehow it all worked out, and yours will too. But DANG. I'm jealous.