Monday, October 25, 2004

Over the past 4 or 5 days or so:

Introduced TheLimey to the thrill of tossing peanuts three floors down to the parking lot to waiting blue jays and squirrels. Squirrels wait standing on haunches like tiny brown penguins or small begging doggies. Blue jays screech and defy one to toss a peanut--I dare ya!

Spent maybe 40 hours working on thesis and quals, quals and thesis. Yes, they're supposedly "done" but both lack final approval. Tiny revisions turning out to be really big long things. Details depressing, so I won't post them. Still not done, of course, and here comes the week. Man, I am so behind, especially in stuff that needs to get done for/before internship applications November 15th.

Lots of angsting about applying to internships. Yikes! Feel half-hatched and unprepared for application process. Don't even have a CV yet! Nor a personal statement! And my Palm Pilot wiped out nearly two years of calendar entries, thus obscuring god knows how many hours of pre-practicum experience that I am now attempting to re-create in my spreadsheet.

Plus, Clu broke a hinge over the weekend. That little crack on the corner suddenly got bigger and the casing broke open. TheLimey broke off some bits (Yikes!) and collected them (I immediately shrink-wrapped them) and removed a screw. Looks like the hinge is somehow jammed, and has been progressively pushing out the mooring for the screw that holds the monitor to the body. rEMOVING THE --dammit-- removing the screw at least allows the cover to open and shut, albeit held on by only one hinge.

I have duct-taped over the visible cable as a makeshift protectant.

Oh, can't forget that we also broke off our various tasks early on Saturday (maybe 9:30pm) in order to lie--no, to loll-- in bed watching Red Dwarf on DVD. Talk about complete and utter decadence. (However, I am still collecting VHS tapes. He can get all the DVDs.)

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argotnaut said...

Oh, poopie! I knew that stupid case was going to become a problem!