Saturday, October 02, 2004

My aunt Jerrie is showing some of her work at a show in Illinois this weekend, so I threw together a really quick blog where I posted her stuff. Just so she would be able to have something to tell customers who ask if she has a website. I used frikkin' Geocities to make an entry page at, but of course unless you pay a cartload of money you can't even have live link on the page. Oh well. At least it's up there.


Andrew said...

Nice job on Jerrie's "site." I especially liked the tulip garden (and of course, who can resist the donx.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Doctor Lizardo (!)--If this is something you just threw together, I would like to see something you spent serious time on!

I will make sure my Mom sees it, even if I have to print it out and hand-deliver it, which is probably what it will take. Will also pass the site on to the the kids. The Tribe of Tata will love the animals!

I am in love with the Cecropia Moth, and Grandma will love the donkeys. (Runs in the family, I guess.) I made it to the art fair--the donkeys were not along for the trip, but the Cecropia was and it is GEORGEOUS. She had the Dove with her too.

Delighted to find you on the net, amazing who you run into, isn't it? Found my long lost cousin Louise last week, haven't had time to write to her yet.

Sorry to post as Anonymous, but I have never used one of these blog thingies, and I'm sure it would have no idea who I am anyway!
"Sairy Gamp"
(aka your dear old auntie Joan) 0