Friday, October 15, 2004

Normally I don't mock poor, defenseless babies, even human ones. However, I can't help laughing at the Ugly Babies Gallery. Especially that one on the far right. I should save that picture for days when I need a good laugh. So, since I have received a request for the link, I'll post it for all to enjoy.

Ugly Babies Gallery

PS: The thumbnail that looks like it might be something horrible isn't.

PPS: Another non-word: ASHphalt (asphalt). Arrrgg!


liz said...

PPPS: Also very, very, sad that TheLimey gave up commenting on Blogger so quickly.

(As ArgotNaut pointed out, "it's like having another boyfriend!" Which is true, given that people have slightly different online personalities.)

I know Blogger's squirrelly sometimes, but...surely it's not *that* punishingly it?

R said...

Cool blog and cool site... like the workout outfit too

Andrew said...

I've had a couple people mention that the commenting feature on Blogger isn't very intuitive. They all just need to start their own blogs...then it's easy!

I don't know that the baby on the far right is ugly, but its HANDS sure are. Those things are like a cross between a shar-pei puppy and a squid!

Finally, I heard another word for your list whilst riding the bus the other day. A passenger was describing a car accident he saw, and said, "The car veered all the way acrossed into the other lane."