Thursday, October 07, 2004

Another weird referrer to my blog. Like the virtual stock market on Neopets, but for blogs.

I wonder if someone bought mine??

As typically happens in Michigan, the weather suddenly changed over the weekend. Last week it was summer, this week distinctly winterish. (Okay, except for today, which has been aberrantly hot and even brought out a few lingering cicadas.) Anyway, I had to take the fans out of the windows and replace the electric blanket on the bed. You'd think there would be some time in between, wherein I don't need any devices to moderate the temperature, but that is never the case.

Reading Wicked, a Mistress-of-Science gift from the Limey. I can't believe it's been made into a musical already. Didn't it just come out, like, last year? Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister was pretty good, too. It all goes along with my short-story collecting obsession, anyhow.

And speaking of Amazon (which I was) I am pretty disillusioned about this whole book-reviewing business. I finally realized that the "helpful" vs. "non-helpful" rating system really has little, if anything, to do with people who are interested in buying books using the reviews to do so. It's actually just about how much other people agree with your assessment of books they've already read. (Probably with other factors thrown in, like how terrible your typing is or isn't). Which means that those with the highest ratings are those with whom the most people agree. In other words, people who have average or "typical" taste, and can express it as such!


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Anonymous said...

stumbled across your blog. you know, i live in nj and think about the change in weather as you do. the weather changes in nj between summer and fall very gradually. for instance, september and october are beautiful in nj. these are the months that you wish you had in Michigan. these months in nj is the "time in between" that you don't need any devices to moderate the temperature. jut thought that you would like to know in case you are thinking of moving.