Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tired of listening to gossip; gossip and complaints...?

OK, probably not the underlying cause of my problem here, but I am indeed so tired. (I hope at least some one person out there gets that reference.)

I haven't been very posty lately because I've been so danged exhausted that I've been asleep 14 hours a day and awake 6 (the remainder were spent just dozing). I'm partly suspecting the old anemia here. I have a doctor appointment Friday, so I'll get to see if they're going to foist those nasty barf-inducing iron-pellets on me or what.

I'm sure that leaving town every week for the past three weeks for stressful internship interviews hasn't helped; I may be partly crashing from that, too. At any rate, I have to write two exams and two reviews for my classes today, so I have to be awake and working at least a few hours.


Tim said...

I'm sure the traveling has a lot to do with it (as well as the stress). Thinking back on the days when I used to travel regularly (once every two weeks or so), I can remember taking naps almost every day. I never take them normally.

liz said...

I love naps and advocate them heartily.

I have been diagnosed as being "borderline" anemic in the past, and am having some similar feelings as back then, so it may just mean I'm having a "flare-up".

Better today after sleeping most of the weekend, anyway!

argotnaut said...

In the past, when I was more bony and pale, doctors always wanted to check for anemia the minute I walked in the door. I usually surprised them by having perfectly normal levels of everything. Only once was I slightly anemic, which I found out when trying to donate blood.

Sorry, I didn't get the reference -- had to Google it.