Monday, January 30, 2006


Finally, we participated in something recreational by renting a DVD and watching it in bed. I had Serenity-flavored dreams that night.

I am still PO'd that they killed off important crew members, though the first kill was not too surprising. However, it was a good flick with an actual plot, characters, and dialogue, unlike some space movies I could mention.

I did notice that when they were saying something "naughty", they were more likely to say it in that Shakespearean-futuristic space-pirate dialect. (" 'Twixt my nethers" indeed.) It was nice that River finally got to do something besides being kooky background material, and also nice that the characters who got together finally got together.


argotnaut said...

You would think that I'd be all over anything with a Shakespearean-futuristic space-pirate dialect, but I didn't like this movie -- it was just too violent for me.

Tim said...

I enjoyed Firefly well enough, and was even mildly disappointed when it was cancelled, but I have to agree with you that I enjoyed the movie a lot better. I think Joss cleaned up the characters, gave them more depth, and even explained a lot of the unexplained background elements (like the Reavers).