Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Press Thumbs!

I've now sent in my official, certified ranked list of sites (one day before the deadline, which is tomorrow at midnight). For a number of reasons there is one site that is way above the rest, so we are both really hoping I get that one. A lot of our circumstances have changed in important ways since--sheesh, just since November when I originally sent in the applications, for example TheLimey's job situation.

A friend of mine recently got a really cool job offer overseas. I want this person to take the offer not only because it's a cool job, but also so we can visit.

You know, I was just thinking that a big reason I got into this blogging thing (aside from my anti-luddite sister) was Shelleyness, a blog that doesn't exist any longer. I saw her funny entry about a guy wearing chaps (and little else) on another site, and followed her writing on and off after that for a while. Then just about two years ago she announced that she was pregnant, and disappeared completely from the blogosphere.

I still have so many questions! How did the baby turn out? Does it have her curse of itchy eczema? Does she return from California to Michigan for holidays to show it off? (The baby, not the eczema.) How are their animals, and how did they negotiate having pets and baby? Did their neighbors ever shape up? Is she gratified by the much-deserved divorce of Nick and Jessica?! Whaaaatt?


Oh my gosh, after some clicking and poking for a few minutes, I actually uncovered her (now their) newer site--with baby photos! What a cute little nub.

It was hard to find. I had to start at the "Nick and Jessica" archives (funny, honestly) and then actually notice the new web address hosting the archives, and follow from there.


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