Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just A Small Aside

So you would think that we would be on tenterhooks to find out what internship site I've been placed with, if any. ("With which I've been placed"?)

However, right in the midst of all that racing around Michigan and Ohio for weeks of out-of-town interviews, our priorities were shockingly invaded:

...this is also the real reason why I have not been blogging very much in the past few weeks. It gets pretty hard to think about other things when this happens. I've also been really sick, and sleeping more hours than waking a lot of days.

What little blogging energy I've had has been largely directed towards my semi-secret pregnancy blog, which may have a bit more biological details than the general public wants to know. (Or that I want them to know. No offense meant, general public!)

I now joke that my latest project is growing my own British citizen, as we've looked it up and the baby will have dual citizenship.

Given the vast amount of energy it's taken me just to grow the tiny 16mm nub that you see above, I'm guessing that when we finally learn how to get people to regenerate limbs, they will have to be placed in therapeutic coma while the growth occurs.

It was pretty cool to clearly see the heart beating. I estimate the due date at the Autumn Equinox: September 21. My ol' hippie father immediately wanted to know if we were naming it "Autumn Equinox". Then again, from what I hear, I narrowly avoided being named "Clover". (...Okay, to be honest, we did briefly consider "Autumn" for a girl.)

...So, yeah--on the 24th we find out if I got an internship placement. If I did, we find out which site on the 27th. Then we have to work out how internship and baby will work out together, as I am not a big proponent of "day care" (AKA "baby prison", according to the Simpsons) for infants.

If I was queen of the world, we would all (mothers and fathers) wear our babies to work until age 2, and no one would think anything of it! (Just like any other self-respecting primate. Or scorpion, come to think of it.)


Tim said...

I vote that you name your child after the artist of this photo -- G.E. I don't guess I get a vote though, huh? That's probably a good thing.

liz said...

I'm thinking that "Lord" or "Lady" would have a lot of cachet as first names.

argotnaut said...

Official public congratulations!

Huh -- Klaus Meine swaddled his kids around for two years?

liz said...

He did?

What about in concert? :P

liz said...

Tsk, duh.

Ha ha!

I thought you were holding him up as some kind of nontrad parenting example.

argotnaut said...

And wait a minute ... _I_ narrowly avoided being named Clover. It's a fine name. For a horse.

liz said...

Really--it was you? (But wouldn't you have ended up Lisa anyway?) Maybe we've both been told the same story. Or maybe they considered it for both of us.

argotnaut said...

Well, I almost ended up as "Heavenly" or "Echo" at the Brandt end of things. Ack!

melanie said...

Is Lady Echo Clover Autumn Equinox on the table?

I like that!

liz said...

....and by a head, it's Lady Echo Clover's Autumn Equinox!

What a race, folks.

Mark said...


liz said...

Thanks! :)

I know millions of people do this every day, but we're pretty proud of ourselves nevertheless.