Thursday, July 22, 2004

Next week I go to lovely Honolulu, Hawaii, where I will be presenting my research at the American Psychological Association's annual convention.  Nice choice for a convention site!  However, I will likely get back only about half of what the air fare cost, which was approximately 1 million dollars, at least as my budget counts it.  (I am even sleeping on the floor of the Association for Women in Psychology suite for $25 a night, which is extremely cheap but clearly not luxurious.) 

Nevertheless, I am determined to go to one APA convention during my grad school career!

I have scheduled as few activities as possible so that I can just mess around as much as possible. 

I have no idea if there will be anywhere I can sneak onto a computer, so I may be incommunicado for the nonce.  I wonder if my Nextel phone would work in Hawaii?  (Guess I could look it up.)

Arg!  Hate these laser computer mouses that constantly jump all over the screen while I'm trying to use them.  It.

Darn technology.


Gwen said...

Serendipity! Yesterday on the reference desk, a gentleman called to ask how to pluralize 'computer mouse'. And indeed, 'mice' is more common, but you can also say 'mouses'. And today, here you are using 'mouses', to illustrate.

Am very jealous about your trip to Hawaii. Have a great time, Michigan.

By the way, Jim thinks you and your sister are hilarious, and he keeps hoping that you'll jump in a car together and show up to take me drinking (obviously, not enough drinking in the life of this doting parent-of-one). You'd have to sleep in the tent-trailer behind the house, though...

liz said...

Just as I would refer to plural pokes-to-the-heinie as "gooses"!

Mark said...

Ok, I tried to stop my self but...
Is it an optical mouse? You might need to get yourself a mouse mat with a distinct pattern. Yeah, yeah, they say that it will work on any surface but they don't say that it will work well on any surface.

Try use it on a page of a magazine that has loads of colours or small text to see if it helps.

Failing that... if it's wireless as well, it could be that the reciever isn't in close enough or in line of sight.

Hmmmm... sun, sea, sand.... I'm jealous. The most exotic places I get to go on business is Godalming.