Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I'm sitting in my advisor's office, printing out some 40 or so pages of analyses to take home and look over and summarize. While my thesis committee member described what he wanted changed as "polishing," it's actually re-doing the analyses and therefore re-writing the results and discussion sections, meaning I am doing the whole thing over. I have been trying desperately not to think of it that way, however.

I sat down last week and mapped out everything I have to do by the end of the summer, including have thesis done, have presented at APA conference, write massive quals paper, create outline of research design for dissertation, and so on, not to mention ongoing clinic work. I don't recommend this kind of sitting down and scheduling unless you absolutely have to, because it made it seem like summer was already over. Certainly, every doggone day is scheduled to the brim.

I thought I would finish some short stories! Finish that painting I began before grad school! Even finish that sweater, which I may still do.

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