Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I like sweets from time to time, and certainly won't turn them down if offered. However, I'm more of a salt-tooth than a sweet-tooth, for whatever reason. And I definitely do not have that stereotypical chocolate-mania that "all women" supposedly have. I can't eat that many squares of chocolate before feeling kind of icky.

When I feel like something chocolate, I'm usually thinking of a slice of plain chocolate cake, warm, with a glass of milk--not a big ol' chocolate bar. Of course, American chocolate doesn't help much, since it's basically brown wax. Even Norwegian candy bars made with children in mind taste sophisticated by comparison. And if I do eat a candy bar, it has to be dark chocolate, in order to avoid that cloying, goopily sweet, corn-syrupy, barely-even-chocolate taste. Yicchh.


However, I recently discovered a candy bar that does make me freak out and eat the whole thing. It is possibly the best chocolate I have ever had. And the crazy part is, it's from the U.S., and it's milk chocolate!

Here's the link to the company. The one I've become so insane about is the "Darker Shade of Milk Chocolate" with the blue bar at the top. Just seeing that picture is making me drool!

I can't believe it--a milk chocolate for dark chocolate lovers!

Of course, it's about $3.50 a bar. Whew!

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argotnaut said...

This is too funny, because as I was reading it, I was thinking, "Wait, I know a chocolate you'll like!" But you beat me to it.

I just had some of their dark chocolate/mint last night, but (barely) refrained from eating the whole bar. "[globm, globm, globm] Hey, Amboo, moo wamm fum ob biff? Iff weawwy goob . . . "