Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I should probably mention that I am allowing my geocities (yahoo) account to lapse, so any email sent to the or the other .com-that-shall-not-be-named (related to my name) may shrivel up and die.

I am unaccountably paranoid that this will somehow get me in trouble, like-- yahoo will figure out what my new debit account number is and charge me a million dollars through evil magic; or I will somehow be booted off the internet forever for no apparent reason, etc.

Considering how so many various administrative services have treated me throughout the past, this might not actually be paranoia!

Speaking of which, did I mention that I called the IRS robot yesterday, and it told me my puny tax return was "being reviewed" and was estimated for delivery on September 18?! No? Because I did, and it did. Five months for $200. For *no reason*! There is absolutely nothing complicated about my tax return, and I filed it right smack on April 15th.

This is just further fuel for my anti-administrative-paperwork paranoia. I will probably gradually morph into one of those people who keep cash in their mattress, while sleeping in a seedy tenement and not having even a bank account.


Andrew said...

Sorry. Dubya needs your $200 to fight evildoers in Iraq.

I let my Geocities patfuel account lapse and it's still up and running! I don't think they'd let me add to it, at least not on a commercial free page, but I do wonder when the heck they'll pull it. Never heard jack from the Yahoo folks.

argotnaut said...

Yeah, but the patfuel domain doesn't work, does it? Pages will stay, but those paid-for features cease to function.

liz said...

What kindsa paid-for features? Like email? Sitebuilder?

Random harassment from Yahoo?

...Reminds me, I should change the email address on a couple of things before they implode from being non-valid.

liz said...

Wait, does this mean that all the pictures and stuff I have stored might just stay "there", too?

That would be cool.

argotnaut said...

Strange but true -- Andrew's domain name *is* still working. But they *must* have charged him for it somewhere, maybe while I was busy and not perusing the bills carefully!

Domain name, email, extra storage space -- those are all supposed to be yanked when you stop paying. But the files remain. I'd back them up locally to be on the safe side.

liz said...

Oh, they're safely burned onto a CD. Maybe 2 CDs, if I backed up the one CD. (And before that, they were hogging space on the clinic server, anyway.)