Thursday, February 15, 2007

Post-Valentine: What About Sweathogs Then?

I had no idea there was so much sweat out there. (More mean-spirited typo-bashing).

A Therapist I Probably Won't Visit

This item almost makes sense, if it's athletic clothing.

I see why they discontinued this item.

This would have to be a really, really gritty song. Even for Buckley.

Et tu, Bette Midler?!

** I decided that it's hard enough to be a teenager without the unfair scrutiny of strangers (me), so I removed that last one. Go find your own example. **

Feel free to comment with any you may find. (This blog isn't all sweatness and light, after all.)


Big Al said...

For some reason I am reminded of that great album by The Byrds. Sweatheart of the Rodeo.

liz said...

There were indeed a number of references to that one. Only a few "sweaty pie"s, though.