Tuesday, February 06, 2007

He's Not My Nemesis in Real Life

I can't tell you how happy this news item makes me. I love Renaissance persons.

It couldn't happen to a better superrat-killer (no offense, rats), robotic law-enforcement officer, or surgeon/physicist/rock star, in my opinion.

I'm glad when people I like reinvent themselves (Thomas Dolby).

In fact, I was even happy to see The Artist Still Known as Prince come out of hiding, albeit for something as commercial as the Superbowl Prince Medley. "... virtually no one else on the face of the earth could've rocked his aquamarine-on-peach suit and made it look conservative..."

So true, Village Voice, so true.


Liddy said...

Another thing on Mr. Weller... he was acting in a show in Chicgao recently, and Scotty was just BARELY denied being hired to teach him to play "Modern Major General" on the ukelele.


liz said...

Dangit! That would've been suwEET.

I think I still know most of the words to that myself, come to think of it. But I most definitely can't play it on the uke.