Friday, February 23, 2007


Okay, I'm in...

...somewhere. We find out our locations Monday.

Emails are flying amongst my colleagues, but I just have little suspense this, my third, time through.

But I am going to celebrate by taking a 10-minute nap while Limelet has one, unless my lying down wakes him up. Which it usually does.

Darnit, I was forced to switch to New Blogger because I erased my cookies the other day.

[Okay, background for those searching for APPIC Match entries on Blogsearch today: The first year of APPIC Match, my program--in which I was part of the first cohort--was not yet accredited. I think one person got an accredited match.

Second year, we were "about" to be accredited, and I was placed. However, we also found out I was going to be having a baby about the same time the internship started. The site director was kind enough to basically rip up my contract for me, as APPIC doesn't allow "holding" places (officially, anyway.)

Now, having gone through the application and interview process for the third frickin' time in a row, but this time with a husband and an infant in tow, I am mainly just exhausted and want it to be over!

And it is. Yippee!]


FOBpsychologist said...


liz said...

Looks like this year we had a really great 100% placement rate. Go department!

Tim said...

Congratulations. I hope you get your first, and best, choice.

Melanie said...

Wonderful! Congrats.

Clarissa said...

Congrats back to ya!!! Goodluck for Monday!!

thistles said...

Wow -- you've been on this merry-g-round THREE TIMES?? I don't know that I am going to survive this one. My first year, I found out I was pregnant in October, so I elected not to go through Match that year. The Niblet is 19 months old now and I am finally prepared to put her in daycare full time.

I don't want to believe it's true, but I have a feeling having a small child (and being honest about that fact) is a factor in why I didn't match.

liz said...

Well, I do know about the differential rates of hiring for mothers versus non-mothers with same qualifications. Our field should be above that, but I know it's not.

We had one site director visit our school and say (out loud! in a presentation!) "Mothers with small children are the worst." Needless to say, I didn't apply there when the time came (although at the time I was still a few years pre-baby.)

I had one interview where I think having a baby played a role and made the interview "weird". The others didn't seem too affected by it, but who knows?

Interns are no longer all 26-year-old, white, unmarried men without kids who can pick up and move across the country at a moment's notice. I hope the process starts catching up with the times.

Lisa said...

Oh! I was expecting an actual post. Glad I checked the teensy-weensy comments.


Thistles said...

I actually ommitted any reference whatsoever to my child in my initial applications. Perhaps that's why I got seven interviews out of 12 applications. Then, at the interview I was fairly up-front about having a baby. It explained a gap in my training for one thing. But also, I didn't want to be at a site that was hostile to parents. Now I'm thinking I should have just kept my mouth shut.