Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Ear

Happy New Ear
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Ah, 2005 finally over. What a year. I mostly avoided media roundups of what-all happened, as my memory (of Katrina and the Bush administration) is just fine, thank you, and no media focused on our wedding anyway as far as I know.

Also, I have been concentrating on preparations for my slew of interviews and could hardly care less what celebrities did what in the past 12 months, so there go most New Year's Eve programs entirely.

We opted to stay in this year, which is my first choice anyway. In my opinion, New Year's Eve is extremely overrated as a party night.

Also, when living in a small town, one's choices for New Year's are A) to be crashed into by someone drunk-driving or B) to drunk-drive, yourself, on the ice. I am really not motivated to experience either one.

So we stayed in, and TheLimey tried out making pizza from scratch, as per our our cookbook from America's Test Kitchen.
(Having used this cookbook a few times, he is now a raving convert.) It turned out well, so I hope he does it again.

We watched Monarch of the Glen, and then finally got to see March of the Penguins on pay-per-view. What an agonizing experience! Sheesh.

"Nonono! Don't let that egg sit there!"--as it cracks and splits open from the cold, and then the mother penguin getting eaten by the sea lion, and that damned cormorant or whatever it was eating the precious fuzzy penguin babies...

I feel drained just thinking about it. I think the moral was "don't walk 70 miles in the snow to get fish or your kids will be eaten while you're gone."

So, yeah---Happy New Year!

No, really--it was a good night. I'm just very very glad not to be a penguin.


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