Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride?

In the approximately 24 hours since my Freecycle group was approved, 40 people have joined. I haven't even begun promoting it yet! Frankly I am puzzled as to how they found it, since last time I checked it wasn't in Google or in the Freecycle zip code search yet.

Oh, and I also got an email from a local reporter who wants to do a story on it.

I told him, yeah, good luck with that "getting a photo of people doing an exchange" thing. (Only in nicer words of course.)

Crazy, man!

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Update: 2 days, 66 people. With thank-yous, yet!


argotnaut said...


Freecycle was very handy indeed when I was moving ... somewhen ...

liz said...

Me too, overall...except for a couple people who were supposedly showing up the day I moved out of town, couldn't make it, and then wanted me to somehow save the items for them to get later. Huh.

liz said...

Now it's 57.

I am so putting the brakes on people from other (distant) states joining!

There has to be some kind of scam factor to that, though I don't know what it is yet. I mean, why would you join if you lived 500 miles away? To vicariously experience the exchanges?

argotnaut said...

There was an article in today's Oregonian about this, too. I mean, the one here. Maybe it got coverage elsewhere that made people suddenly interested.

liz said...

I guess there is some kind of power struggle / scandal going on with the founder or something, according to Wikipedia.

I just wanted to get rid of that scanner!

Mark said...

I thought "freecycling" was cycling on stationary bikes... but I guess thats "spinning".

liz said...

I'm pretty sure that should be called "Get Outside on a Normal Bike You Fool," --but that's just my opinion.