Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why am I still surprised??

What amazes me is how someone can hear this message on my personal voicemail, and still give me this kind of response (at my own cost, of course).


Update: sorry , I realized the poor victim-slash-idiot also left her own phone number on that message, so it seems [probably fair but] cruel to actually post it online. Therefore I deleted the link.

Anyway, apparently I am now giving people a 15% discount on some kind of phone services with Sprint, according to some Federal Telecommunications list or something. You'd think that my message would deter people from trying to get it from me, but that's not the case with some persistent people. (I want to say persistent-vegetative people.)

At least this guy gets the idea. (But he still called back a second later and hung up.)

I don't know what's going on exactly, but it looks like some new listing came out recently with my number on it, because I've gotten about 7 messages already today.


Okay, here's what seems to have happened. While it's clear that Sprint published my number on some list a while back, apparently they recently put out another list for federal employees to get a 15% discount on their cell phone bills.

I discovered this when I Googled my number yet again and finally it came up posted publicly on the Marines for Life discussion board, no less. Sheesh.

I had to sign up for the discussion group in order to even contact any of the posters. However, somebody got the list from their boss, who probably got it from Sprint, and so forth, so the root problem is still unresolved. Stupid Sprint.

I wish I was an attorney. Which is something you won't hear me say very often.


Tim said...

Damn! If only I'd seen the list. What a perfect number to have for 3 am drunk dialing.


Yo, doc. Lately, I've been feeling kind of down...

Yeah, that would be swank.

liz said...

See, now, that's why you're not a Marine for Life.

They only care about cell phone discounts.