Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Satire or advertisement?! I really can't tell. However, each entry ends with a link to a product. Could still be satire, nevertheless. What's extra funny is the entries that have excerpts from stuffy literature. I think "How To Play Soccer" is my favorite so far. how come when I look at my profile, my average posts per week come to zero, but this guy [read: commercial robot] who started this month and has fewer entries, shows more?

Yeah, I think it is a big sneaky ad blog.

Anyway, I choose to read it as satire.

And now, back to temporarily tranquilizing the thesis monkey on my back...

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liz said...

I guess this is something that advertisers do, and it may well be standard business practice or something. But, sheesh! This guy [robot?] has been writing [generating?] these bizarre, nonsensical commercial/ Shakespearean/ soccer /cell phone entries all day. What a horrible job for a human!