Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Currently in full thesis-writing mode, including still having dishes from last Friday night in sink. Relieved I live alone, for this reason.

Research inspiration book sez: "This is not the year to get a puppy or sign up for a committee [and list of other things including, like, laundry, I think]. Have someone else do your cooking, cleaning, etc., even if you have to pay them." Well, that glorious day will have to come later, when I get autumn installment of student loan. (If financial aid decides that my not being registered for any classes doesn't matter...) ARG!

Too much outgo required right now, not enough income. In many domains. Especially sleep, money, social life, work. Good thing I got that jar of blackstrap molasses to cure my recurring anemia! [pats self on back]

...two woodpeckers at once on suet feeder today!! Possibly male & female downies. Hard to see through blinds, but making loud "GRIK! GRIIK!" calls.

More some other day/week...

PS: While rest of Michigan watching important basketball event over weekend, watched England vs. France Euro-cup-thingamabob. Wore Union Jack top for festive air. However, glum outcome for the guys invested in...the outcome. (But rare opportunity to wear red pants!) Also developed strange bruises over weekend: hip, shoulder, head, noticeable one on jawline. ??!! Perhaps linked to gin/red wine on Saturday night? Or to subsequent aspirin deluge on Sunday...?

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