Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Foreign food links...mostly Scandinavian.

I've spent more time than I care to admit searching for various forms of Norwegian (and some other European) foods online. I'm just grateful that now there actually is an Internet! (Strange to think there wasn't, when I first returned, and I would have had to laboriously look up specialty food stores in the phone books of other states or something.)

I've placed the Norwegian one I like best on my Blogroll. I like it best because of product range and because it offers a wishlist!

So, links first, then wishlist. --A list of food links.

Norwegian Catalogs --A list of catalog links.

Google Scandinavian Search --Google's hot picks, as it were.

Wired News: Homesick and Hungry --A good place to start searching for many foreign and regional foods.

Nordic House
My favorite. It allows a wishlist! See below. (Not because I really expect people to buy and send me Norwegian food products, but because it's can I resist the opportunity to make a list of something?! With links and pictures?)

My Wish List at NordicHouse

Product: Nidar Gullbroed - 65 Gr.

Mmmm...marzipan in dark chocolate.

Product: Freia Daim - 28 Gr.

A lot like a Heath bar, also known as a "Health" bar in my family. This used to be spelled "Dajm" in the olden days when I was a youngster...

Product: Nordic - Pep's - 4 Oz.

You know--minty things.

Product: Laban Seigmenn Gummi: - 180 Gr.
Details: Men

They have Seigmenn and Seigwomenn.

Product: Freia Kvikklunsj - 34 Gr.

In Norwegian, this means exactly what it looks like it would mean: "Quick Lunch." That's right, eat a candy bar for a quick lunch.

Product: Saturnus Gloegg Mix - 17 Oz.

Mixed with red wine and warmed--delicious on winter evenings! I looked for this particular brand for a long time.

...And while I'm on a roll, so to speak, I have also placed my wishlist on my blogroll. Mainly because I think you can tell a great deal about a person by looking at their wishlist. (If they bother to fill it out...>ahem< you know who you are!)

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