Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ahh, I love webcounters with accompanying stats and other geekitry*. Some of the results seriously puzzle me, however.

Three different IP addresses found a particular page of my home site by searching google images for gerbils. Three different IP addresses, within a day or so. Now, what on earth possessed these individuals to all go looking for gerbil pix on the internet at the same time? There must be a connection. ("Hey, look, I found this great picture of a gerbil." --or alternatively, "Hey, does this look like a gerbil to you? Because I think it's a guinea pig.")

While sleepily watching the Sci-Fi channel (also known as the "All-Stargate Channel") last weekend at Simon's (because he actually has cable), I realized that I missed my true calling in life. Instead of a psychologist, I should have been a sci-fi-atrist. WAH ha ha ha! Snif.

(I crack me up.)

Oh yeah, there's another movie on my movies page. I'm an avi-makin' fool. Other graduate students working on their research have exceptionally clean, well-organized houses as a result of procrastination. Me? I suddenly discover hidden uses of old applications.

*PS: No way! Someone besides Argotnaut who uses Opera! Wow--you really *are* a geek.

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