Friday, June 18, 2004

Here, I've changed the time-signature on this entry just so it falls below the one I just wrote. It's actually 2:47ish or something. God, must go home!! It's just so fun to play guiltlessly for once after how I've been living and breathing thesis-writing for the past week straight.

In that vein, I thought I'd at least post the final paragraph of the darn thing. Once I pin all the parts together, including the math/statistics analyses charts, the references, and so on, it'll probably still be less than a hundred pages. Oh well. Anyway, here's me (it'll probably get revised tomorrow/today, anyway, but what the heck):


Overall, an important concept conveyed by these results is that despite efforts by many organizations to impart nutritional information to the public, it seems we are not listening by and large. The participants in this study appeared to mostly ignore actual nutrition when selecting food in order to conform to gender roles correlating with their sex. Instead of viewing food as nutritional components contributing to overall diet, we are still looking at food as individual items and giving those items value judgments. In the case of this study, the value judgment that arose was that of food items being gendered. In any case, non-nutritional traits attributed to food items may confuse the kinds of choices individuals make regarding food choices, leading to less-than-optimal nutrition.


liz said...

Arggghhh....still no comments anywhere.

("Grade me...graaaade meeeee!!")

argotnaut said...

OK, OK . . . A+!

argotnaut said...

Er, what I had been planning to post was that I still want to take the test you gave your subjects way back in the data collection phase. I already know what kinds of foods I'd choose, but I'm curious about the masculinity/femininity scale.

And now, must continue stuff! I'm surprisingly beschäftigt despite school being over. Pesky work deadline plus mission control for faxes/calls about the house purchase. You sure do have to sign a lot of papers to buy a house!

liz said...


Well, I could email you a copy of my complete thesis, which contains a copy of the instruments (including the ASRI) in the appendix. But let me get it truly completed and pinned together in the next couple weeks. (You're way too busy to take it right now anyway.)