Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chevy's Open Door

Ha ha ha!

Speaking of making your own movies: if you haven't already seen this story about SUV ads, check out the examples mentioned on the sidebar of this story. Before they take them down. (Note: I couldn't get some of them to load. Maybe they were the ones with the objectionable language.)

I can be a little smug about this now, as we've just turned in our (relatively small for an SUV) Jeep Liberty for a Pontiac Vibe.


Tim said...

I decided to design my own, but they've yet to send me the link for it. I wonder if it's because I used words like "dirty bomb" and "terrorists" in my ad? If I do wind up getting the link, I'll be sure to post it.

liz said...

I hear that about half of the emails don't work. I don't know if any are singled out--it may just be random malwebbance.

(My new word I just now made up! Others may use with proper attributions.)