Friday, April 14, 2006


After being recruited (brainwashed?) by my personal human internet-service filter (sister) yet again, I decided to go ahead and try out the Google calendar. I was particularly interested in the capability to share calendars, as TheLimey and I have been threatening to have a mutual calendar for our mutual events since we got married (even just a paper calendar.)

I was pretty excited as I synced up my PDA and prepared the various paths to my files, up to the point where I hit "IMPORT". I was brutally disappointed when all I seemed to be able to get to was a mini-"page cannot be displayed" thing inside the importing operation field.

Maybe a gazillion other people are trying to do the same thing and we all crashed it.


Okay okay okay---I take it all back.

The initial simple instructions make it appear (to the severely uninformed, like me) that a person can simply import one's Outlook format calendar into Google Calendar without further ado.

However, upon closer inspection of various help pages, it turns out that you have to open your Outlook and do some fantsee savin' and exportin' of your data in 1-year chunks into CSV format. Which I now know exists.

This finally worked for me, although GC didn't appear to want to keep any events older than 1 year. Understandable, I guess.


argotnaut said...

Ha! You had me fooled there. I thought you weren't going to get sucked in.

I think Outlook is working on better iCal integration, so maybe in another version or two, it will all be easier.

And if they're not, they're stoopit, because everybody's doin' it.

Will there be a public pregnancy milestones calendar? Or at least shared with Gpals?

argotnaut said...

Ooh...I forgot that I had changed my picture to Granny. It worked, though -- that guy removed that nasty stuff. Ha! Stupid idiot.

argotnaut said...

And I'll look like this soon enough anyway.

liz said...

That picture cracks me up. How did you think to use it?

I wish I could have viewed the comments so I could see the discrepancy myself.

Milestones! I've only even taken two photos of The Belly. I think I'm too busy with the process to document it. In that way.

Besides, I've already passed The Milestone, which was getting past the first trimester, with its risks and discomforts. The next milestone in my mind is the due date [range].

argotnaut said...

You really don't wish you could have seen the comment. Trust me, though, it looked hilarious with this!

I wasn't looking specifically for Granny Clampett; I just searched for "toothless granny." Figured that would make him look plenty foolish.

liz said...

And how.

Mark said...

Thansks for the heads up on the calendar. I think I'll give it a try.

I used to host a calendar on my web server at home that I could access from anywhere but had to stop when I changed my ISP and have been feeling a little lost since... Now I don't have an excuse to miss birthdays anymore.

liz said...

Theoretically, I haven't had an excuse since the advent of Amazon. Nevertheless, I still manage to forget.