Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Yesterday TheLimey sent me this link and pointed out that between the two of us, we have four of the Top Ten Jobs in the country.

He also expressed, shall we say, interest in how much the average Psychologist makes [and that high-end salary, too], according to this article. I raised a skeptical eyebrow at the putative amount.

"Don't forget," I reminded him, "I'm also a woman so I'll be making 72% of whatever the real amount is." (Technically inaccurate if they're taking both sexes into account in the figure, but I'll certainly be on the lower end of whatever it is. And anyway you get the point.)

So, men--hetero men at least--if you want more money in your life, work for higher pay for women. (You gay men can go on being selfish by that argument, but of course women's rights also generally advance LGBT rights by association.)

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