Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Finally finished that report and gave the client his feedback about the results and my recommendations. Now I just have to deliver the written report to the office on campus that helps students with disabilities. (Campus mail takes DAYS so I hand-deliver them.)

Started the day weeping on the phone to TheLimey (in Florida) about how freakin' overwhelmed I am with work, moving, wedding details. If only just one of those things wasn't going on! I seem to be getting a sore throat and cough, too. Must find time to rest properly, or I am going to be miserably sick for my wedding and honeymoon, thus trumping anything anyone else could possibly do to "ruin" it. (Yes, you know who you are--all of you!)


argotnaut said...

Okay, okay ... I'll abandon my plan to hit you in the face with a cream pie during the ceremony. Sheesh.

liz said...

Yes; it better be that *other* kind of pie I *wanted*!