Sunday, August 14, 2005

Can't play as much bloggie as usual.

Still moving, and have a big WAIS-MMPI client report I'm supposed to be writing over the weekend. Actually, I'm kind of panicking, because this kind of report is likely to take 10 or so hours to write; it's already 8pm on Sunday, and my office and reference stuff still isn't set up or even unpacked.

I have been trying to get assessment clients all summer, and naturally they show up only during the last two weeks before the wedding, which is conveniently also exactly when I'm moving.

Also in the "highly convenient" category is that TheLimey is having to spend these same two weeks in Florida for work, though he managed to get away and fly back here for Saturday and part of today (the morning part). This means that while we both have a ton of work to do, the two additional things (wedding preparations and moving all my stuff to his place) are going to be a lot harder for him to participate in. Are being a lot harder for him to participate in. Although being a hard-working and reliable sort of bloke, he's done all he can when here.

Kind of a flood of carp for both of us. And by carp, I mean another word that has mostly the same letters, but is a lot less fun to find in your local river.

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