Sunday, July 03, 2005

So, I'm finally infamous, but unfortunately not for any of the interesting bad things I've done in my life. (Next it'll be something like being a "Glamor don't" with nylons stuck in my skirt, or getting photographed next to the governor, picking my nose.)

Serves me right for actually giving a proper attribution link to someone's work instead of wild-eyed-ly plagiarizing, huh?

If only I had known before that while my everyday writing is completely uninteresting to the public, the way I keep track of it is fun to laugh at. I could have just been doing that all along! It's a lot less work, I tell you whut.

I'm mainly just annoyed that someone assumed I was a man. Is that the default for someone writing about research?

Maybe I should have included references to progress on that pink sweater I've been knitting since last fall, or my recipe-indexing project*.

*One of those things for someday, like when I have a broken leg and can spend a few weeks at home alone with my scanner.


Tim said...

Oh, they're just jealous cause, like me, they only need one bar at a time. Dave ribbed on me for a while cause I kept changing my template.

That was fine by me, cause I was changing it a lot, until I found one I liked. Besides, who knows how many will find it comic at first, but then wind up becoming a regular (which is what happened with me).

Of course, why they assume you're a guy, when it obviously says "Liz" at the bottom of the posts, is beyond me. Strange, as I tend to associate being observant with being a good writer.

Dave said...

Hi Liz,

I feel a touch of pride at seeing all those progress bars on your prog-blog and I appreciate the attribution.

I hope you don't feel I was holding you up for ridicule -- I was really just trying to annoy Alex Epstein, who was already annoyed at the whole progress bar concept. If the comments got out of hand, I apologize for not policing them more diligently.

liz said...

Heh heh. I am not _terribly_ offended.

I admit it was a shock to my system to have the "private" blog be the one people were coming to gawk at, rather than the public one!